For the modular terminal block to the assembly material & tools and through to the complete PC-aided project planning and marking system, the CLIPLINE has everything that you need for perfect control cabinet wiring.
Housing material-polyamide 6.6, Non-ferrous metal parts, dielectrical strength-600kv/cm, operating temperature-upto 125 degree celcius.

  • Screw Connection Terminal Block
  • Spring Connection Terminal Block
  • Push-in Connection Terminal Block
  • Fast Connection Terminal Block
  • Pluggable Connection Terminal Block
  • Bolt Connection Terminal Block
  • Test Disconnect Terminal Block
  • Marking System
  • Tools
COMBICON provides a complete range of PCB terminal blocks and connectors for the PCB. Electronic housings, plug-in card blocks and DIN socket strips make this catalog a standard for every developer.

  • Combicon Control – PCB Connector
  • Combicon Control – Plug Connector
  • Combicon Power
  • Combicon Compact
  • Combicon Housing
The PLUSCON section documents industrial connectors for data, signal and power cables, as well as for fiber optics. The complete offer for the sensor/actuator cabling makes this catalog a standard for field wiring.

  • Pluscon Circular
  • Pluscon Field
  • Pluscon Data
  • Pluscon Device
  • Pluscon Heavy
With interface modules for binary, serial and analog signals, power supply units, PLC system cabling and system cabling and electronic load relays, the INTERFACE section provides all components around the industrial control.

  • Power Supply Units
  • PLC Relays
  • Safety Relays
  • Monitoring Relays
  • Timer Relays
  • Solid State Contactors
  • Analog Converters
  • Serial Converters
  • Ex Converters
  • Industrial Wireless
  • Varioface System Cabling
  • Varioface Wiring Interface
  • Varioface Prefabricated Cable
With professional surge protection structured according to surge protection for power supply units, data interfaces and MCR applications, Phoenix Contact provides one of the most comprehensive programs in the market.

  • Lightning Current Arrester
  • Surge Voltage Arrester
  • Device Surge Arrester
  • Pluggable Signal LIne Surge Arrester
  • COAXTRAB: Coaxial Surge Arrester
  • CHECKMASTER: Device Tester
The seamless, quick and specific flow of information is essential for the success of any company. From the serial sensor/actuator box, through to PC-base control technology, right down to visualization software, the AUTOMATION section provides the latest automation components and systems from Phoenix Contact.

  • Control Technology – Class 100 PLCs
  • I/O System in Control Cabinet
  • Standard Function Unmanaged Ethernet Switch
  • Managed Ethermet Switch for Every Apllication
  • Security in Ethernet Network
  • ValueLine Industrial PC